Company profile

GAMA International is a worldwide solution provider of ink quality control products and other ancillary products for flexographic and gravure printing presses. Founded in 2012, the company is based in Milan (Italy) and it can count on a full team of marketing, sales and after-sales people.

GAMA International operates worldwide with direct offices and local dealers. The services provided include pre-sales analysis, solution design, sales, installation, training and maintenance.

GAMA International boasts a strong presence in North America since 2016, when GAMA Americas was established in York (PA).

GAMA International’s solutions are sold to customers in the packaging, labels, newspapers and commercial printing markets and to manufacturers as OEM.



Our mission is to be a leading solution provider in the packaging printing industry, with the commitment to deliver efficient and innovative systems. Our experience is at the base of the company’s know how and the main benefit we want to offer our customers is to obtain better performances on their printing plants by creating efficient, safe, reliable and streamlined printing workflows.

Products’ overview

GAMA’s solutions for ink viscosity control and correction represent the main products’ line distributed by GAMA International. The viscometers for inks, solvents, glues and varnishes use the innovative vibration technology (G19, G20, G26, G29, G30, G31, G32, G34, G1000), offering a substantial reduction in maintenance and in environmental impact, thanks to a reduced employment of energy and materials. The viscometers may be installed in line or in parallel on flexographic and gravure printing presses and on laminators.

Additional GAMA’s products for print control include the ink temperature control system (G90), the pH control system for water-based inks (G80, G81), the ink magnetic filter (G70), and the web guiders (G35).

GAMA International also offers the following systems and solutions:

  • intralogistic solutions such as automatic and vertical warehouses for paper reels, flexo sleeves and gravure cylinders;
  • special slitter rewinders for plastic, aluminium, paper and cardboard, featuring high cutting performances; they are characterized by flexibility, which makes these solutions either customizable in size or integrated into a converting line;
  • cleaning systems for photopolymer plates and anilox rollers;
  • cliché and colour control systems, dot measures for photopolymer plates and spectrodensitometers;
  • DIN 4 – ZHAN 2 viscosity cups and colour control stations.

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