Intensive paper and flexible substrate reels storage

The automatic warehouses for the packaging industry are meant to maximize and optimize the capacity of storing in-house all the material in use in the printing and converting process.
Tracing and tracking the material, delivering it on time and at the right place makes the operations very efficient and cost effective.

To maximize the capacity of the storage is a must; the storage footprint available is usually not large enough, therefore the warehouse must occupy the entire volume of the production hall. Only moving the material in an automatic way can guarantee the safety of the operations at great height, avoiding all the risks of a manual handling.

Different solutions are available, depending on the user needs:

  • Mobile racking system: it reduces the racking aisles, which are always assisted by an AGV (automated guided vehicle) wherever the work is going on;
  • Stacker crane warehouses: for a high speed 24/7 storing and retrieving process;
  • Multi-depth configuration storage (shuttle driven): it is an excellent compromise between capacity and throughput performance at a lower cost.

The choice depends on the type of goods which need to be stored, the level of space usage to be reached, the best goods throughput to be achieved. Each solution is customized to the user’s requirements.


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