AWS Anilox washing system

  • Very robust and ecological
  • Made in stainless steel
  • Proper for the washing of cylinders and anilox to be stored and used again
  • Cleaning from every type of ink through a first phase with heated detergent and a second phase with a high pressure heated water jet that ensures the cleaning in depth of the single cells
  • Manual anilox housing from the top
  • Fixing through watertight custom-made gaskets with possibility to house different diameters
  • Great saving of time and conformity to the safety normative for the operator and for the environment by automatizing the cleaning process
  • Heating and filtration of the detergent liquid for a great cleaning action and duration of the chemistry
  • Filtration with water closed circuit in order to have a great water saving and less pollution
  • Drying through compressed air
  • All parameters are adjustable through digital control panel.
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