Ink magnetic filter G70

The series of G7 filters was studied for low and medium pressures, they are used for the filtration of fluids in various industries, in paint lines to the sector prints rotogravure or flexographic.


Rotogravure / Flexography / Lamination / Reprint / Varnishes / Bi-components Varnishes / Glues

Technical details:

Main information

Filter Cartridge Standard: 20 [Mesh]
Diameter: 37 [mm]
Height: 132 [mm]
Filtering surface: 13.00 [mm2]
Max Working Pressure: 10 [bar] / 150 [psi]

Types of filters 

G70-INK-FM9: Y Filter 1 ” NPTF high magnetic candle and filter cartridge.
G71-INK-FN9: Y Filter 1 ” NPTF reduced magnetic candle and filter cartridge.
G72-INK-FY9: Y Filter 1 ” NPTF with filter cartridge.
G73-INK-FM6: Y-Filter3/4 ” NPTF reduced magnetic candle and filter cartridge.
G74-INK-FY6: Y-Filter 3/4 ” NPTF with filter cartridge.

Maintenance and cleaning

The cleaning of the filter takes place at the end of work by the operator is very simple. Following the removal of the cap using the special key, clean the magnet with a cloth and shake the filter element in water or solvent to clean it.


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