GAMA International at the Uteco Flex-on-Road 2023 tour

During 2023, Uteco launched a major promotional initiative dedicated to Italian flexo around the world: Flex-on-Road. GAMA International immediately shared the spirit of the event, participating in the various world stages together with Uteco and other Italian flexo printing partners.

The Flex-on-Road meetings allowed local printers and converters to discover new technologies and to network with professionals from all around the packaging world. At each stage of the tour, a free one-day seminar promoted by Uteco and selected partners from the industry, took place.

Tour stages

United Kingdom Ireland
Australia Turkey
Indonesia Thailand
South Korea Poland
Argentina Chile
Mexico Dubai
Jordan Canada
Germany Algeria
Saudi Arabia Kenya
Egypt Morocco
Colombia South Africa
Nigeria Brazil
Japan USA

GAMA International attended to the Tour presenting its latest solutions for the production processes improvement in terms of quality and efficiency, for an overall time and cost saving.

  • FCSone Fluid Quality Control System for inks, varnishes and adhesives
  • CCSone® Consumption Control System for inks, varnishes and adhesives
  • LOGISTICone Internal Logistic System

Comments on the events were simply enthusiastic. We offered, together with Uteco and the other companies that took part in the initiative, concrete ideas and innovation concepts (all made in Italy) for flexo printers all over the world.

Chiama ora!