GAMA International at the Sustainability In Printing Forum

On 10 September 2024, São Paulo do Brazil will host the SUSTAINABILITY IN PRINTING FORUM 2024, organised by the Brazilian flexographic printing association, ABFlexo.

The topic of sustainability is often the subject of studies, debates and sharing between brand owners, multinationals in the food and non-food sectors and, finally, packaging and printing professionals. This forum is addressed to all of them, a unique opportunity in which converters, printers and brand owners will be able to discuss how to deal with an increasingly green packaging production.

GAMA International will attend at the event together with its local dealer, Coras do Brasil, and a stand where attendees will be able to receive the latest information on our systems technology solutions from the dealer executive, Gustavo Virginillo. These include:

CCSone® Consumption control systems for inks, varnishes and adhesives, with real-time measurement and automatic refilling. A solution that avoids waste and keeps under control the consumption of inks and of any type of fluids, taking care of the refilling for the optimization of the production.

FCSone Fluid Quality control systems for monitoring viscosity, pH and temperature of fluids (inks, paints, lacquers and adhesives). A solution that optimizes the use of production fluids keeping their characteristics under control at any time. This results in a reduction of waste and rejects and a print quality that always meets final expectations.

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