GAMA International introduced its new line of customized slitter rewinders

“GAMA International expanded the range of its products introducing a new line of customized slitter rewinders for aluminium, film, paper and other special machines for converting, such as embossers, spoolers and extractors. The first occasion to show to the public the new solutions should have been InfoFlex in Columbus, Ohio (US).
At InfoFlex GAMA International should have been present on both GAMA America’s and Pamarco’s booths, to show «two lines of solutions: the viscometers and the new slitting-rewinding machines», comments Elisa Conselvan, Marketing Director of GAMA International”.

“The new slitting rewinding products, distributed on a private label basis, include the TR-G1, a high performance single-shaft paper cutter, the new TR-U2, a double-shaft central-axial drum machine for bare and/or coupled aluminium, and the TR-B2, a double-shaft drum machine designed to have the maximum flexibility in processing any type of material. One of the flagship machines is the TR-B2, an extremely flexible machine capable of cutting materials such as bare and/or coupled aluminium, copper, plastic films, non-woven fabric and others. The cutting widths start from 7/8mm up to the whole band. Furthermore, the machine is very compact and it is possible to apply various customizations to the basic configuration.
At InfoFlex GAMA International’s aim was to show its viscometer line of products and will focus on the G31 for corrugated cardboard applications”.

Read the article in German on the Swiss magazine “Der Verpackungsdruck“, n.2/2020, page 2.

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