The new viscometer G39 and the new line of slitter machines

GAMA International announces the development of new viscometers for the label market. The GAMA viscometers are therefore enriched with a new system, the G39, which allows the operator to control, correct and maintain the levels of viscosity, temperature and pH set during the start-up phase. GAMA International has also launched a new line of special machines for converting, slitter- rewinders for aluminium, film and paper thanks to a cooperation agreement with H7Group.

The new G39 system is suitable for the control of pH, temperature and viscosity and for the automatic correction of solvent and water based inks. It is also able to control the viscosity and the temperature of UV inks. In case of multiple inks uploaded in the printing machine, the G39 software is able to recognize the ink type and to run the respective control and correction process. These new valuable products can be integrated on a new narrow web printing press or installed as an update on a machine already in production.

«The development of a new viscometer – specifically designed for the label market – is the result of the collaboration of our R&D department with our industry partners», comments Sante Conselvan, Managing Director of GAMA International. «Our viscometers line is now the most advanced and the most complete one in the packaging market».

Following an agreement signed with H7Group, a mechanical company based in Italy, GAMA International has added a complete line of slitting-rewinding machines to its portfolio.

The products include a wide range of slitter-rewinders, embossers, spoolers and extractors. Here are the main products:

–   the TR-M2T, a four-shaft rewinding machine with automatic transmission; it is appropriate for cutting film with 10-1000µm thickness, 1,500mm width and 600m/min speed;

–   the TR-B2S, a central drum cutter with peripheral center winding on two independent shafts designed for processing aluminium with 4-400µm thickness, 1,500mm width and 600m/min speed;

–   the TR-G1, a high performance single-shaft paper cutter for 10-700gr/m2, 500-2000mm width and 1,300 m/min speed.

GAMA International can also develop special slitting-rewinding machines based on the customer’s request, and upgrade the installed machines (with mechanical and electronic enhancements), in order to improve the  performance and to comply with the new safety standard rules. «We will take care of the sales and service of this new line of products», comments Elisa Conselvan, Marketing Director of GAMA International. «An important aspect is the set up of a team of specialists headed by Riccardo Conca, our Product Manager, who will manage and analyze all the new configurations and the upgrading operations. We have designed a special machine for aluminium and the feedback received by the customers is very positive. We expect to do a good business with these solutions, as we see they meet many unsatisfied needs of converters».

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