A big System for Sleeve Storage installed in Turkey

Around mid-August GAMA International installed a new Sleeve Storage System in Turkey: it consists of a big plant with one block of 21 racks, plus another block of 4 racks to house a total of 1270 sleeves.

The 21-rack block is 21 metres long and it is composed of fixed and moveable racks. Two storage levels host sleeves of various lengths: 1290 mm, 1475 mm and 1570 mm. The 4-rack block is placed on one level and it is dedicated to sleeves 2250 mm long.

The installation was completed by the technical engineers of the local Agent of GAMA International. «Thanks to the simplicity and modular nature of the structure, it was not necessary to send specialists from Italy: two technicians of our local Agent and two operators provided by the customer were able to assemble the whole structure in less than 10 working day»», commented Sergio Puoti, Sales Manager at GAMA International.

With a clear installation manual, the technicians were able to complete the work in a very smooth and fast way, which proves how simple the process can be.

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