Open House Kohli – 15th July 2021

GAMA International partnered with Kohli for the Live Interactive Open House presenting the new Thea-9one8-3.0 Gravure Press.

“On Thursday, July 15, 2021, Kohli Industries will have their 2nd open house for the legendary Thea-9one8-3.0 Gravure Press. In case you missed it earlier, this is your chance to catch it again.
Thea-9one8-3.0, launched on June 16 2021, broke all speed barriers and mindsets of Gravure printing worldwide. 500 m/min using Water based inks and 650 m/min using Toluene free solvent inks, a milestone witnessed by 500+ participants.

Now fuelled with “NYX”, Kohli’s Automatic Pre-register Setting Solution and powered by “IRIS”, Kohli’s Artificial Intelligence Platform, the upcoming open house will be a monumental event for the flexible packaging industry.”

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